Transparent multi-element antenna

An urban environment having many subscribers in close proximity is interconnected by a line of sight wireless network such that individual subscribers connect to an ISP backbone or hub directly or indirectly through other subscribers in the wireless network. A set of subscribers therefore form a multi-node mesh network of line-of-sight adjacency. In an urban environment, line-of-sight adjacency between buildings is facilitated by window placement of transparent directional antennas. High density, high capacity, networks are formed using the transparent directional antennas where transparency facilitates window mounting and directionality reduces received interference and increases capacity. Each subscriber employs a configuration for communication "upstream" towards the ISP and "downstream" to other subscriber nodes. Each subscriber node includes one or more radios for communication upstream and downstream, a router, and a transparent directional antenna for communication with adjacent nodes.

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Tue, 11/18/2014