Minimal effort network subscriber registration

An alternate access mechanism provides reduced cost Internet access using a streamlined sign-on procedure. The alternate access mechanism employs a specialized access medium including an array of nodes interconnected back to a trunk line access point. The trunk line access point allows greatly reduced cost because of competitive access to the Internet backbone. The interconnected nodes include readily available components, such as wireless routers, microwave radios, and routers, and/or integrated versions thereof which leverage close proximity to adjacent nodes for establishing a path back to the trunk line access point. Subscriber access is facilitated by a "one click" or "minimal click" sign on sequence by startup logic encoded in the components and through a web service for identifying the nearest adjacent node, establishing communication with the adjacent node via an access token such as an SSID, automatically reconfiguring the subscriber's newly connected node and reestablishing a traffic connection, all following user assent to the sign-on conditions.

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Tue, 03/04/2014