a.k.a. R. Brough Turner and/or Robert Brough Macpherson Turner

I am an engineer and entrepreneur, focused on communications in the broadest sense. I co-founded Natural MicroSystems and was, for many years, Chief Technology Officer of it’s successor NMS Communications. I am currently focused on a new venture, netBlazr Inc., that's using a combination of fixed wireless technology and a freemium business model to disrupt the market for broadband Internet access in urban areas. This means I have only limited availability for focused consulting gigs in communications technology and business strategy. I do continue to speak and write on a wide variety of topics, including in my blog and in my bi-monthly column in NGN Magazine.

My long history with telecom dates back to college (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BSEE ‘71), but you'd have to buy me several beers before I’m likely to speak of college era telephony activities. :) My legitimate entry into the telecom industry began in 1983 when I started Natural MicroSystems with some friends. I only got serious about the Internet in the early 1990s, but I've been heavily involved in VoIP since 1996 and I have benefited from the views and experience of several friends and acquaintances who can rightfully be considered Internet pioneers. Between 2002 and 2009, I focused on mobile equipment and mobile applications including co-founding two new businesses (within NMS) and developing the outline of a potential business in mobile video (for a consulting client).

Finally, despite my engineering origins, I've been speaking and writing on industry subjects for many years and I keep getting invited back, so hopefully there's some value in some of the things I have to say. For example, my wireless tutorials come up at or near the top when you type "3G tutorial" or "4G tutorial" into Google.

For a bit more on what I deeply believe in, see this early post entitled Passion, and if you want more biography, I was featured on the cover of the January 2006 issue of VON magazine with an associated interview that goes into my origins and interests at great length.